In order to make cool days nice and pleasant it`s necessary to choose a coat beforehand. Coat is an integral part of every fashionmonger`s wardrobe. You should be prudent in choosing this item of clothing and consider all factors determining choice. Classic coat is more practical as it can be easily combined with any clothes and worn unbuttoned. Double-breasted coat reminds soldier`s coat with two rows of buttons and still looks quite stylish and original.

Regarding optimal length the majority of girls prefer coats which length is slightly higher then knees. Such length is the most comfortable. Shortened coat can serve as a lightweight variant of spring and autumn outwear. As for coat`s colour classic and avant-garde models are always relevant. Classic colours are black, grey, beige and khaki. Coat of classic colour is a safe choice for all occasions in life and ideal for wearing to work. In combination with bright and expensive accessories such a coat becomes an excellent variant for evening.

Durability of a coat depends on fabric. Qualitative wool should serve not less than three years. Such natural materials as wool, tweed, cashmere and leather are used in sewing coats. Cashmere is the most expensive and qualitative fabric that is characterized by softness, lightness and pleasant to touch. Tweed is quite warm, resistant to discolourment and comfortable while wearing. —hoosing a coat that is appropriate for your appearance helps to visually correct figure. Bell bottom coat can disguise extra centimeters on your waist (if a coat is shortened). Coat of mid-thigh length can lessen big hips. It`s not advisable to complement bell bottom coat with excessive quantity of accessories as they can make it too eye-catching.

A coat with shortened sleeves is an original and stylish variant but there is a small nuance. It should be worn with high gloves (preferably leather ones) as uncovered arms will look ridiculous. Bouffant sleeves add some coquetry and charm to coat. Herewith they give additional volume to shoulders. For that reason women with slightly broad shoulders should refuse from wearing such a model. Besides, this advice also relates to thin girls as it can make them awkward and stumpy. A coat with high waistline suits not everyone. By means of such a model you can add mysteriousness and sophistication to your image.

Surely, you should take into consideration type of your figure while choosing a coat. Choice of coat for owners of hourglass figure doesn't cause particular problems as they can afford to wear practically all models. The main thing is making you feel comfortable. A coat with broad upper part suits women with triangular and pear shaped figure. Broad collar or band-collar, hood and shoulder pads can enlarge upper part of coat. Waist should be emphasized with a belt. Coat`s length must be not lower than knees. For rectangular figure the best choice will be a coat with belt that can be even of different colour. Single-breasted fitted coat which length is slightly lower than the broadest part of hips is recommended to women with apple-shaped body.