Nowadays modern women increasingly prefer to wear jeans and trousers and pay less attention to smart dresses. Foremost such a choice is due to considerations of practicality. There are five criteria for choosing necessary dress which make buying these items of clothes pleasant and quick. The first point that should be considered is type of dress. It`s necessary to think what you are planning to acquire: qualitative daily dress, dress for a big night out or expensive evening dress for special cases. It`s advisable to consider comfort and tendencies in fashion while shopping. Originality of dress is of no little interest. Most frequently girls and women at the age of 21-35 years old prefer to buy knee-length dresses for everyday life whereas evening dresses don`t enjoy such popularity.

Regarding length of dresses it`s necessary to pay attention to peculiarities of your appearance. Girls and women of small height will look nice wearing dresses of medium length. However, it`s necessary to remember that namely midi dresses most frequently make girls look older. Long dresses suit tall women.

Namely fashion of dresses most commonly causes confusion of buyers. There are more than 18 different types of dresses which in some or other way appear or disappear from shop shelves. It is widely accepted that there are five types of dresses which are distinguished among relevant models. Classic model presents a straight knee-length dress with sleeves and small neckline. This is the most universal fashion which is equally well suited to social occasions and office atmosphere. Another popular model is a sheath dress. Its strict lines attract all business women and many women working in offices. Pinafore dresses present hits of all summer seasons. Loose-fitting dresses which emphasize waistline perfectly suit daily life. Shirt dresses became an embodiment of feminism epoch. Upper part of such models reminds men`s shirts with collars and cuffs. In most cases lower part presents a classic flippy skirt. If you are planning to choose evening dress a wrap dress will emphasize your femininity best of all. Over the years other variants become fashionable.

Shape of dress can simultaneously emphasize advantages of figure and distract from its drawbacks. If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips it`s necessary to avoid cumbersome sleeves. A slim-waisted dress with big neckline which visually makes neck longer will be suitable for such a figure.

While choosing colour of dress it`s necessary to consider your appearance. Dark colours visually make figure slimmer whereas light colours increase it. What is more, colour can draw or distract attention from definite parts of body not worse than shape of dress. For example, in order to highlight breast it`s necessary to choose a dress of dark tones with light piping around neckline. Colour of eyes, hair and skin are also significant. Dresses of light or bright tones suit fair-skinned girls and women with dark eyes. Mulattos look attractive wearing black dress whereas red-haired women should avoid bright colours.