Before going to a shop it`s necessary to think and decide what kind of handbag you need. Particular attention should be paid to choice of colour, fabric, size and other points. Besides, it`s advisable to decide beforehand what type of handbag you wish to acquire: a luxury bag, cheaper variant or stylish accessory.

Peculiarities of handbag for work depend on your profession. Somebody needs a bag suitable for keeping documents and possibly laptop or tablet PC whereas other people have to carry extra set of clothes. In one way or another a bag for work should foremost make your working day comfortable and pleasant. Surely its style must harmonize with your work clothes. It is not advisable to wear a duffel bag with a formal suit or combine strict briefcase with daily clothes.

If you have an opportunity to acquire only one handbag for work it`s necessary to think about colour range of your outfits which you are planning to wear in the next season. Try to choose colours of outerwear, shoes and working ˝lothes which match bag`s colour. The simplest variant of following this recommendation is buying a black handbag and black shoes in order to make sure that they will suit everything. However, there are much more variants of finding a solution of this point. Try to find several colour combinations which are appropriate for you independently or with the help of stylist and you`ll make sure that bags of other colours also suit outwear and suits of various tones. For example, a handbag of plum colour will be perfectly suitable for grey, black, beige, chocolate, light pink suits and your image won`t become less strict but will look more fresh.

A handbag for solemn events should be small (optimal variant is a clutch with removable chain) but quite comfortable in order it can contain everything necessary for event: a phone, minimum quantity of cosmetics, money and keys. Honestly speaking it`s better to acquire skills in placing all these things compactly. Shape and size of a handbag for everyday life depends on your lifestyle. If a list of your regular affairs includes shopping you`ll need a quite capacious bag which will relieve you from necessity to carry excessive quantity of packs. Herewith, it`s necessary to keep in mind that it makes sense to choose handbags of darker and rich tones for winter whereas summer bags of light and bright tones look better. Besides, winter bags should be made of dense fabric. Summer bags can be significantly soft. Possibly you`ll even give preference to knitted or just fabric bag.

A beach bag should be really inspiring. Such items as towel, spare swimsuit, book and water cause necessity of acquiring a bag of big size that`s why its material must be the easiest. Make a bid for bright colour and interesting décor ľ finally, when you`ll get an opportunity to experiment in choosing bags if not during vacation. Handbags provide an opportunity to make experiments with colours in contrast to dresses, jackets and coats. If you are used to only black and white things and want to wean oneself off this habit it`s better to start with bag.