People wear hats for a variety of reasons: protection against the sun, hats serve as complement of outfit or element of uniform. Earlier hats were perceived as mark of distinction and sign of absolute elegance and belonging to elite circle of people. However, nowadays hats have received a wide spreading and everybody can enjoy contemporary style and complement his wardrobe with an interesting item.

Modern designers pay special attention to universality and create a wide range of types and styles of hats. Men`s hats easily turn into original items which allow to complement an outfit. Hats become an inspiring and finishing touch of image.With the approach of summer many people try to choose an elegant accessory. For correct choosing men`s hat it`s necessary to familiarize with main types of hats. Panama hat that is also known as a straw hat was developed on the basis of a wide-brimmed hat. Panama is a light and perfectly breathable hat of light tones. Panama is associated with seaside. In summer it`s complemented with suits, moccasins and sunglasses.

The Trilby hat has short brims which are slightly turned up. Traditionally Trilby hat is made of rabbit`s wool. However, Trilby became popular when such materials as tweed, straw, wool, mixture of wool and nylon started to be used in making it. Trilby can be worn with cotton shirts, shorts chinos or cotton suit and chamois shoes. Men`s hat pork pie is a hat made of felt or straw with cylindrical crown and flat top. Commonly it`s short and have special deepening in its upper part. Homburg presents the best variant for formal dress code that should be worn with a classic suit. It`s one of the few hats which are suitable for business style.

Canotier is a men`s hat intended for wearing in summer. It`s made of hard straw and complemented with a hard flat crown. It can be worn with t-shirts, jeans and checkered shirts in casual style. Besides, canotier suits summer suit of light tones for more elegant men`s style. A baseball cap is a soft hat with rounded crown and hard peak in its front part. Perhaps today it`s one the most common men`s headwear in the world.

As for women`s headwear a hat should be proportional to features of face and body build. For example, tall women can wear wide-brimmed hats. The main point is that brims shouldn't be broader than shoulders. Short women should wear small headwear as wide-brimmed hats look disharmonious. Style of hat should suit shape of face. A hat with high crown and broad brims will suit a chubby-faced woman. Owners of oval face can wear hats of any fashion. Hats with low crowns and broad brims suit elongated face. Heart-shaped face requires wearing hats with crown of medium width and height. It`s necessary to consider your style of clothes. Hats in classic style with not broad brims suit business outfits. If you prefer romantic style wide-brimmed hats including models made of straw and decorated with flowers will be a nice option. Amateurs of sport and careless style should pay attention to kepi and caps. A felt hat with narrow brims ideally harmonizes with leather jackets or coats.