Nowadays jackets and business suits are popular all over the world. Considering that modern fashion is more liberated and free than in the previous century. There are less strict rules and canons in contemporary fashion. For that reason we can see that model range of women`s jackets is characterized by enormous variety. There are classic jackets, shortened or lengthened models, fitted or loose-fitting models. It`s possible to create numerous stylish solutions for various occasions. Fashionmongers combine jackets with jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses and even shorts.

Nowadays famous creators of fashion offer a wide range of jackets: lengthened mid-thigh length and short models, fitted and loose-fitting, wrap jackets and models with buttons. They perfectly complement both office and casual outfit. Lengthened loose-fitting jacket looks well with narrow-leg trousers, trousers of regular fit and skirts of medium length whereas ultrashort skirts will create disharmonious look as they distort natural proportions of figure.

Original variant for summer time will be combination of jacket with shorts or lose-fitting dress. White, black and grey shorts of regular fit perfectly suit jacket of the same colour. More impudent variant is combination of woman`s jacket which length reaches middle of hips with short shorts and high boots. If you want to look fashionable and sophisticated it`s recommended to pay attention to fitted jackets with one button. They can be worn with a thin belt. Such model looks perfectly with a pencil skirt. Models with V-shaped cutouts, slim fit sleeves and having slip or hidden pockets will be perfectly suitable for business meetings. However, such a variant of women`s jackets can be inappropriate for official meetings. Nowadays military is considered to be popular style. Consequently if you want to add originality to your image acquire a jacket in military style.

Regarding men`s outwear any item of clothes having collar and lapels can be single-breasted or double-breasted. Single-breasted models can be met in shops far more often as they are a good fit for a man of practically any complexion. Regardless of type a jacket can have two or three buttons, broad or narrow lapels, high or low neck hole. Namely this variant of jacket appeared more than 200 years ago and occupies the first place in wardrobe of any man. In spite of spending much time and efforts when choosing a jacket such strivings will have high returns. Such a model can have additional layer of fabric that`s why it can look slightly massive. For that reason it won`t suit short men. Double-breasted jacket has more formal look and can be worn with shirts and ties in conservative style. Wearing such a jacket men have an excellent opportunity to differentiate oneself from the crowd and look more stylish not attracting excessive attention.

As for accessories it`s essential to remember that double-breasted jacket should be necessarily worn with a tie as formality of a jacket requires it.