Jumpsuit is a universal item of clothes that can be used as workwear and informal clothing. Office style allows wearing jumpsuits of classic cut which can be combined with blouses and shirts. Namely for this very reason jumpsuits don`t go out of fashion during a long period of time.

It should be mentioned that popularity of jumpsuits may be due to their origin. Primarily such items were created as working dress. At first they were worn only by men. Jumpsuits are not the first thing borrowed by women from men`s wardrobe. It is worth remembering that such items of clothes as shirts of male cut and broad shorts for men are currently considered to be elements of unisex clothes. Jumpsuits give designers freedom for creativity and possibility to experiment practically endlessly. There are jumpsuits made of jeans fabric and silk which can be combined with any shoes and blouses. Length of jumpsuits` trousers can be very diverse. You can meet models with short pant legs which can remind shorts, knee-length and tea-length trousers.

Upper part of jumpsuits also can be different. For example, fitted top in the form of corset or corsage will perfectly suit social occasions. It can be worn with a smart blouse which will provide you with compelling look. A jumpsuit which upper part is made in the form of loose-fitting blouse with long sleeves will be suitable for cultural and social events. Classic variant of upper part is an ideal variant for wearing to work or educational institution. There are loose-fitting jumpsuits which are appropriate for summer recreation. As a rule, trousers` length of these models is shortened. They look great with flip flops and clogs which can be put on while going to beach. If a jumpsuit has classic pattern it will become an ideal variant for walking around a city in case of combining with sandals or toeless shoes. An excellent addition to a jumpsuit is a beautiful and comfortable belt on your waist.

If you are planning to go to a party it`s necessary to choose a silk jumpsuit. Wear it with high-heels shoes and you`ll look as a celebrity. Stylists admit that such clothes can be used as an alternative to traditional evening and cocktail dress. Try to combine a jumpsuit with various jewelry and accessories. You also can experiment with shoes and handbags. In spite of universality and functionality of jumpsuits designers recommend women whose figure is far from ideal to refuse from wearing them. Such clothes suits only slim girls as it favourably emphasizes advantages of their figure. At the same time it can accentuate drawbacks if they present.

There are some tips for overweight people which prefer to wear jumpsuits. They should acquire models with high waist as such an approach will make them slender. Another way of disguising extra weight is wearing models decorated with drapery ruching at the level of waist. Jumpsuits should be necessarily complemented with such accessories as necklace, earrings and several bracelets. The main thing is harmonious look as ensemble shouldn't be overwhelmed.