Leggings is favourite clothes of many girls and it`s no coincidence as they are practical and comfortable. In order to choose leggings correctly it`s necessary to consider peculiarities of your figure. Big hips shouldn't be a reason to refuse wearing them. Dark tones, asymmetrical prints and vertical strip allow to disguise drawbacks of figure if leggings are worn with long tunics, T-shirts or shirts. Owners of slim legs should wear light leggings with bright print, horizontal strips, patterns or ornament Ė everything that helps to add visual volume. Leggings with basque or other original models will also show to advantage. Giving preference to leggings of simple tones and prints: for example, black ones you facilitate choosing outwear that conversely should be colourful and vice versa if you prefer bright leggings they should be combined with unicoloured items. Don`t forget that it`s necessary to choose size of leggings very carefully. Too big leggings will have folds whereas small ones will become stretched faster.

Leather leggings stay in fashion from one season to the next and have all chances to be included in the list of basic items of clothing. It`s not surprising as leather leggings help to play with images Ė you can choose impudent rock-n-role style or calm everyday outfit. It`s possible to combine leather leggings with a business jacket, smart coat or warm fur coat. Choosing appropriate items of clothes is an important aspect in wearing leggings. If leggings are decorated with print they should be worn with unicoloured sweaters and tops. If leggings are self-coloured you can afford to complement them with items of any colouring. During the cold season leggings can be worn with warm knitted dresses, sweaters, cardigans or long blouses. Such a variant is universal for wearing to work, study or walk.

In warm weather leggings can be combined with short skirts, for example skirts of jeans fabric, long denim or cotton shirt. Skirt and leggings is a quite democratic combination. When choosing length of skirt it`s necessary to consider all peculiarities of figure. Remember that an optimal variant is peg-top skirt or mini skirt as they visually make legs longer.

Regarding dresses leggings can be easily combined with cocktail dress whereas knitted dress which length is higher than knees will be an ideal variant in cold weather. A variant with a sheath dress is suitable for office. Lacy leggings are difficult to combine and should be complemented with bright tunic and even simple black dress otherwise you can look tasteless and vulgar. Short tops can be worn with thin leggings only during sport activity. It`s possible to combine leggings with elongated tops. Tunics and T-shirts with asymmetrical hem are especially popular.

If you are planning to wear models decorated with shiny decorative elements other items should be more modest. Besides, it`s necessary to remember that shiny clothes is suitable only for evening occasions, for example visiting a night club.