Speaking about lingerie it`s necessary to mention its main functions: practical and aesthetic functions. Choosing lingeries is important and responsible matter. It can emphasize advantages of your figure and hide drawbacks. Regarding choosing fabric of lingerie it`s necessary to consider time of year. It`s better to give preference to models with large percentage of cotton. Cotton and silk, viscose and micro modal fabric have been recognized as the best materials. Silk lingerie will be suitable for summer months it will provide you with coolness. Besides, it`s very comfortable to wear. It`s necessary to choose items which are made of natural materials with addition of elastane, viscose, polyester and others. Synthetic additives present almost in all items of this kind they make lingerie elastic, silky and provide lingerie with ability to correct figure.

Don`t hesitate to wear colourful underwear as it`s fashionable and beautiful. It should be noted that colour of lingerie should match colour of clothes. For example, if you wear multicoloured tunic it`s possible to combine it with underwear which colour suits one of the clothes` shades. Herewith you should avoid very noticeable contrasts as it can look even vulgar and not lose a sense of temperance. Nowadays lingeries can be of diverse colours. For that reason don`t hesitate to acquire these items of bright colouring. However, it`s necessary to be careful while choosing red lingeries as dark variant of this colour, for example deep red can visually make you look older whereas scarlet colour frequently looks vulgar.

Every woman should have lingerie of skin tone. It`s recommended to acquire underwear of at least two different shades: lighter items for wintertime and darker ones matching colour of tanned body. It`s advisable to wear underwear of skin tone with a semitransparent classic blouse instead of white one as snow white lingerie always catches the eye. If shoulder straps are noticeable they should match colour of clothes or be in contrast with it. If you wear a form-fitting dress it`s recommended to put on shape wear in order to visually correct figure.

Shape wear is a variety of underwear that is characterized by special cut and can be worn both on naked body and over usual lingerie. Shape wear is made of special elastic fabric microfiber with high density that is pleasant to touch. Shape wear can be of different colours and sizes. Shape wear requires careful garment care and should be regularly washed with hands. Microfiber is a thin vulnerable material that is easily deformed at high temperatures. For that reason shape wear shouldn't be washed in very hot water and ironed.

Nowadays designers pay much attention to men`s underwear realizing creative ideas in new models of these items. Many men attach great importance to their style, wear fashionable clothes and have a good understanding of accessories.