Pants are famous as an inalienable attribute of wardrobe for thousands of years. Their appearance was constantly changing and improving. Earlier it related to men`s items of clothing. Nowadays modern women can`t refuse from wearing them. Many women give more preference to pants than dresses and skirts. Such popularity is due to modern way and rhythm of life. Pants are vulnerable to changes in accordance with fashionable trends. Every season designers offer new models changing volume, shape, width, materials and decoration.

When choosing pants it`s necessary to give preference not only to fashionable brand but also type of your figure. Pants present one of the main items of any modern man in spite of his preferences related to style. As a rule, general impression is created depending on various points and one of them is correctly chosen pants. First of all, men`s pants should be chosen considering height. Pants should be of sufficient length in order to cover socks. Colour of pants and socks should coincide. Women who try to emphasize their independence and successfulness use black pants in any image. Trousers are more practical and comfortable than skirts. If you want to create faultless business style classic variant will suit you ideally. In spite of classic pants` universality it`s necessary to remember about several obligatory rules which help you to look stylish.

Girls and women with disharmonious figure should wear pants with a broad belt. This eye-catching accessory will help them to disguise belly. Overweight women should give preference to classic variant. However, pants shouldn't be too loose otherwise figure will look even bigger. Thin people should avoid tight-fitting or too broad models. Their optimal variant will be classic light pants. Owners of ideal figure can afford wearing fitted black pants which favourably emphasize beauty of their legs.

There are various types of pants. Bell-bottomed pants are considered to be ideal for girls having narrow hips as they help to visually increase insufficient volume. Slim girls can experiment with models flared from the line of knees. Such flared pants should be complemented with shiny bright blouse and high-heeled shoes. Thus, your evening image will be ready. Baggy pants look more feminine. In the lower part pant legs have cuffs.

Peg trousers suit amateurs of men`s style. In line of hips they are broader and in the lower part smoothly become narrower beautifully clinging to legs. Peg trousers can be worn with fitted pullovers, turtlenecks, strict and romantic blouses, men`s shirts and short sweaters. Regarding colour of pants it should be noted that colour depends on situation, appearance of person, fashion and surely compatibility with other items of wardrobe. It`s advisable not to stop after choosing model of pants as it`s worthwhile to try on new fashions. Everybody is capable to become fashionable, stylish and slightly unordinary. Namely pants can help to achieve this goal and become a basic element of wardrobe.