Fashionable shoes is an integral part of every woman`s wardrobe. Occasionally shoes not only complements image but also become its main emphasis. First of all it`s necessary to determine purpose of shoes. If a woman wants to be elegant and go to a restaurant spiked and high-heeled shoes will be suitable for this purpose. If you need shoes for time-consuming walks and shopping it`s better to choose comfortable models (for example, trainers, flat shoes, flip flops or ugg boots).

Colour of shoes always should suit age of woman and style of her clothes. Too bright shoes or boots shouldn't be worn by mature and business women. Such models are more oriented to youth. It`s necessary to keep in mind that the lighter shoes the longer feet look. For that reason owners of big feet should choose shoes of dark tones. Pastel and skin-coloured shoes and sandals can visually lengthen legs, such models will suit those who want to add a pair of centimeters to their height.

It was considered for a long period of time that colour of shoes and bag should coincide. However, in recent years this tendency is the second priority. Nowadays fashion experts lay emphasis on wearing shoes which colour can match colour of blouse, sweater or other accessory of woman`s wardrobe.

Fabric of shoes plays a considerable role in its quality. From year to year leather shoes don`t lose relevance and always stay in fashion. In order to acquire natural leather shoes it should be remembered several tips. Sole of shoes must have special signs which mean type of leather. Natural leather has specific smell that can`t be confused with other smells. Inner part of natural leather is always hairy. Such shoes can get warm in contact with human body. If you put your arm on leather shoes for a couple of seconds they`ll become warm.

Regarding men`s shoes it`s necessary to realize what kind of shoes you want to acquire and what clothes you`ll be wear with them. If you decided to buy moccasins for a man it`s perfectly understandable that not every suit will look nice with such shoes. Moccasins are more appropriate for summer suit than classic ones. Jeans can be worn practically with any shoes and your look will rather depend on fashion of jeans. Thus, jeans are worn with classic shoes, trainers or flip flops. As for sportswear, choice is unambiguous it suits only athletic footwear.