Originally shorts were worn only by men. Namely knee breeches were initial variant of shorts and were used for wearing during horse riding in XVII century. A new model named Capri pants or three quarter pants appeared in XX century. In the last century women took courage to wear shorts. At first they chose variants of shorts for beach and sport activity. Nowadays shorts became widely popular among women.

Designer with increasing frequency create new summer collections with shorts, for example adding them to business suits with elegant blouse or strict jacket. Nowadays shorts can be combined practically with any upper item of clothing. It can be top, sleeveless vest or T-shirt whereas in cool summer evening you can wear a light sweater or jacket with shorts. Stylish mini shorts can be offered to a slim girl whereas women who don`t possess ideal figure can give preference to knee-length shorts of straight cut. Such shorts can look even more attractive than usual classic trousers or pencil skirt. Shorts is very feminine and romantic item of clothes. Such a fashion visually adds extra volume to hips. For that reason it should be worn solely by owners of slim figure.

Another variety of shorts is models with high waistline. This variant is seamless for short girls as it visually emphasizes waist making it thinner and increases height. Sports style never goes out of fashion. For that reason popularity of sport women`s shorts is still considerable. Bermuda shorts are not only universal but also perfectly cope with hiding drawbacks of figure and simultaneously emphasize advantages. Bermuda shorts made of denim are especially fashionable bur diverse textures and bright colouring are also in fashion.

As for men`s shorts it`s difficult to imagine a man which wardrobe doesn't include two or three comfortable shorts. It`s not surprising as wearing shorts is suitable for active lifestyle. There is a great variety of shorts for men. For example, shorts chinos in casual style are perfectly suitable for everyday wear. Length of shorts chinos is slightly higher than knees. Such shorts can be worn with cotton or knitted shirt or T-shirt, blazer or baseball jacket. Some designers offer men`s suits with shorts chinos.

However, it should be remembered that such shorts won`t suit you if you are short or overweight. As for shoes shorts chinos match loafers, moccasins, trainers or sneakers. Another variety of men`s shorts-trousers is classic model made of fabric intended for trousers. Such shorts are slightly shorter than usual shorts and can be worn with short-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, sleeveless vests or even sport shirts. If sport shirt is long-sleeved sleeves should be rolled up. Denim shorts perfectly suit informal style. Besides, denim shorts with cuffs look better. Don`t forget that denim fabric is very dense and in very hot weather you`ll feel uncomfortable. They will look nice with trainers or other sports shoes.