Every woman wants to look elegant and tempting. Namely skirt is a habitual and casual item of wardrobe we cannot do without. It is considered that knee-length skirt is ideal and suits everybody. However, its length depends on proportions of your figure. Knowing your own type of figure helps to get an idea of appropriate models. Choosing fashion of skirt helps to create correct proportions. Work with details, colours and texture of fabric is also an excellent way of creating an illusion of more bouffant shapes and slim hips. Nevertheless you can wear a skirt which you like in case of creating correct proportions of your figure.

Women of medium height can wear skirts of practically any length. There are two fashions of universal skirt which are suitable for any situation. The first skirt is so called pencil skirt and the second variant is A-line skirt. Choosing skirt you don`t have to chase after fashion. It`s necessary to choose a model that match namely your type of figure, emphasize your advantages and disguise drawbacks.

Short in height girls and women should avoid floor-length and tea-length skirts. Besides, they won`t look great wearing A-line, flippy skirts and bouffant models. A perfect skirt that visually increases height is a skirt made of one-colour fabric with high or medium waist. Tall girls should exclude short mini-skirts from their wardrobe as they will make their figure disproportionate. Tall women and girls will look nice wearing skirts practically of any cuts but the best variants are skirts which higher than knees or floor-length models with bright pattern as they visually reduce height. Another variant lessening height is a pencil skirt with high waist.

If you have pear-shaped body the most successful models will be skirts made of hosiery or draped skirts and A-shaped models. Print on skirt should be quiet otherwise your hips will look massive. Pencil skirt and peg-top skirt will suit ideally if you want to emphasize bends of your body. It`s necessary to focus on skirts adding volume to your hips and thus attracting less attention to your to shoulders. If you have apple-shaped body appropriate variants will be asymmetrical skirts as they attract attention to legs, skirts with high waist hide belly and make figure more feminine. A-line skirt will provide figure with harmonious proportions. It`s possible to try a circular skirt that will help you to look slender in combination with a semi-fitted top.

Owners of rectangular figure should achieve the effect of volume below waistline. They can wear the majority of fashions which don`t suit women with other types of body. The following models will suit rectangular figure: V-shaped skirt, any skirt which lower part is broader full circle skirt, semi-circle skirt, A-line model and low-rise skirts. Besides, such details as pockets, visible stitches and slide fasteners will make your figure more proportionate.