As many of us know improperly chosen suit can spoil appearance of a person. Determining fashion of a suit is very important as namely it can help to hide some drawbacks of figure and disproportionalities. Clothes often reflect inner state of person. It`s necessary to consider this circumstance in order to feel fashionable, stylish and attractive. If you belong to owners of ideal figure correctly chosen suit can emphasize it and enhance confidence in your strengths and abilities.

Tall and thin men should avoid wearing suits with vertical strips. Lapels of jacket should be not very long. Slip pockets will look favourably. Trousers must be broad and slightly tapered at the bottom. It`s better to choose trousers with broad folds. Such a suit helps to disguise faults of figure and make it proportional. If a man is slightly overweight and short it`s recommended to visually increase his height. It can be accomplished by means of a vertical strip that can also disguise extra weight. While choosing a jacket it`s necessary to pay attention to line of shoulders. In this case a semi-fitted variant of jacket will be well suited. Besides, jackets possessing narrow lapels without slip pockets look much more favourable. Models with high waistline and without cuffs fit plump men.

Suits of classic cut look excellent in any situation and place regardless of colouring and fabric. White suit is frequently associated with seaside, summer, lightness and sun it`s quite true as such suits are really well suited for warm season if they are made of thin material. Woman`s wardrobe is difficult to imagine without a suit. Business women, coquettish fashionmongers and careful housewives have at least one suit. Suit is an item allowing to keep up with the times, be elegant and always feel comfortable, stylish and confident.

In contrast to men`s suits fashionable women`s models can be combined in various ways. Jackets can be combined not only with trousers but also skirts and dresses. For that reason every woman can have several different suits simultaneously and wear them on numerous occasions. Nowadays many women wear this strict item of clothes in spite of definite restrictions on styles solutions. Suits can be decorated with various jewelry and designer`s elements. Trouser suits perfectly emphasize all lines of body demonstrating waist, line of hips and breast.

Fashionable women`s suits with skirt perfectly suit both strict work environment and any occasions in public places. Skirt combined with jacket will create an excellent outfit which can adorn any woman regardless of her figure. Colour solutions of suits can be diverse and interesting. Summer women`s suits can include things which differ from each other in terms of colour, for example tender pink jacket and white trousers. Such an outfit can be called practical as it allows to combine these items with other clothes.