A warm sweater is indispensable clothes in cold weather. This item of clothes presents in almost everybody`s wardrobe. It`s recommended to follow advice that will help you not to make a mistake while acquiring a sweater.

Pay attention to length of chosen sweater as short models suit only slim girls. If you have belly it`s better to give preference to long models. People with excess weight should buy models with asymmetrical lines as they help to disguise proportions of body. It`s advisable to learn what materials were used for knitting. Sleeves shouldn't be short otherwise your image will be ridiculous. Three-quarter length sleeves suits owners of beautiful and graceful hands. Shape of decollete should also be chosen carefully. Remember that neckline will immediately attract attention to drawbacks of neck and breast. If you have short neck it`s better to choose fashions with a low V-neckline. Models with form-fitting collars will suit women with thin long neck.

Sweater with turtle-neck is hugely popular among women but this model suits not everybody. It`s better to choose this item of elongated shape as it visually lengthens neck. Such a kind of sweater doesn't require any jewelry as it will overload your image. Oversize presents a loose-fitting sweater that looks several sizes larger. It should be chosen carefully as this model doesn't suit women with broad hips and belly. It`s recommended to disguise such a figure by means of asymmetrical lower hem and big neckline.

Don`t forget about details, choose jewelry in order to draw attention to that part of figure which you are boasted of. A cardigan with broad belt will emphasize your waist, low V-neckline with edge piping of contrast colour will visually lengthen your neck, volumetric knitting with pattern will make too thin figure more plump whereas stresses and beads will draw attention to beautiful shape of breast. Choosing a sweater made of wool it`s better to choose a model made of natural fabrics: wool, angora or cashmere. Sheep wool has been used for centuries for making woolen hosiery and warm clothes. However, nowadays you can meet items knitted of different kinds of wool. Merino wool is considered to be the most expensive and warm wool. Cashmere is another fabric that is a little thinner and softer than usual wool. For that reason it is chosen for less extreme weather conditions and more formal setting. Cashmere sweaters perfectly suit other items of men`s wardrobe especially if you wear clothes in business casual style.

As for sweaters for men the first point that should be taken into consideration is colour. Many men have quite picky attitude to this factor that`s why correct choice is very important. The most common mistake made by women is choosing colour of sweater for a man not considering his preferences on this matter. The second major point that should be considered is fabric of sweater. Upon it depends how long an item will serve. For example, a sweater made of thin sheep wool is pleasant to touch and keeps you warm when it`s cool. It can be worn under jacket or coat if it`s necessary.