The most important item of everybody`s wardrobe who is engaged in swimming is swimwear – swimming trunks or swimsuit. In order to make correct choice it`s necessary to follow some advice. Let`s start from the fact that all swimwear is divided into two types – sports things and items for amateurs intended for having a rest on a sun lounger. The word «beautiful» is more applicable for women`s swimwear. However, nowadays men increasingly opt for designer`s models. Regarding the first category – sport swimsuits it should be mentioned that in spite of strict rules women`s swimwear can be very feminine and elegant if you choose it correctly. An open back swimsuit with thin straps perfectly suits for beginners who visit a swimming pool for maintaining health or improving figure. Such models are not very comfortable for sporting events and competitions as shoulder straps can press hard on skin while swimming at high speed.

Swimsuits with broad shoulder straps which are crossed on back are very comfortable as they provide feeling of confidence in water whereas movements of a swimmer are not hindered. A covered back swimsuit fits both amateurs and professional swimmers as it allows to decrease resistance of water. Summer is a wonderful season when many people prefer to go to the seaside in order to get a little rest from working days. Such travelling is usually accompanied by additional purchases. Swimwear is in high demand during such periods. Surely, choice of swimming trunks for men is not as wide as for women but they should emphasize individual peculiarities of every man.

Men who take care of their appearance try to choose a model of swimming trunks that will highlight figure making their image corresponding individual peculiarities of their personality. Modern designers create luxury models of men`s swimming trunks. Classic models and boxer briefs are in high demand among men. Shorts for swimming present a universal variant of men`s beach wardrobe. Buying such a thing you`ll get rid of necessity to acquire swimming trunks and shorts for wearing at the beach simultaneously. Such shorts perfectly suit active rest both at the beach and in water. Numerous styles and sizes allow to choose appropriate variant for every man depending on body type.

As for women`s swimwear it should ideally correspond their figure disguising drawbacks and surely emphasizing advantages. Nowadays it`s not necessarily to go shopping as looking at collections of swimwear in Internet is quite enough. Stylish women know that they should consider numerous factors while buying a swimwear. Abundance of swimsuits complicates choosing an appropriate model for owners of non-standard or problematic figure. In order to make a correct choice it`s necessary to consider your type of figure.

If you don`t like sheer swimsuits one-piece bathing suit will become an excellent variant. Such a swimsuit having cutouts on hips suits every type of figure and excellently disguises its drawbacks.