Wear to work

Seeking employment we attentively evaluate acceptable clothes at a new workplace. In some companies special attention is paid to appearance of employees while signing a contract. On the one hand, strictly defined uniform seems to be a whim of management. On the other hand, dress-code has scientific foundation. Surely, you have noticed that employees of a bank are always dressed strictly whereas people working in a PR-agency wear diverse items of clothing. It has a clearcut explanation: it appears that clothes influences on our behavior and way of thinking. Strict clothing for work helps us to think clearly, laconically and quickly. Free choice of clothes provides freedom to our creativity. It can be said that dress code has turned into a real burden of working people. However, if you show some fantasy it`s possible to look stylish even having a limited range of items. You only should choose office clothes correctly. Much depends on ability to combine things and choose accessories. Besides, some firms are loyal to outfits of employees and quite satisfied with absence of colourful clothes, bright make-up and a large number of jewelry.

Although it`s considered that formal style is considered to be conservative it doesn't mean that wear to work should necessarily be boring. Collections of famous stylists include numerous variants of outfits in classic style. Besides, employers like to see tastefully dressed workers. It is not uncommon that successfulness, team spirit and system of values in different companies can be determined while looking at wear of their employees.

Wear to work should eloquently emphasize business mood, respect for colleagues and clients, responsibility, competence and tactfulness of staff. Visitors of various organizations like to realize that a team of professionals work there. Namely for that reason mini skirts, big decolette, nails coloured in bright colours and loose hair are considered to be bad manners. Transparent blouses, fitted tops, sweaters, shorts and sports suits are inadmissible at workplace. The best wear to work for women is skirts with blouses and suits. Besides, they can wear trousers of classic fashions. Low-heeled court shoes or flat shoes present the best variant for such outfits.

Regarding men`s wear to work it`s necessary to mention that wearing shorts, shirts with short sleeves and T-shirts is considered to be bad manners and showing disrespect to colleagues, manager and business partners. A shirt should be long sleeved even if it`s hot in an office. Etiquette allows to turn up sleeves as shirts with short sleeves are not perceived as indicator of well-being and success.

Another detail of formal suit is a tie which should harmonize with a suit: for example, light fabrics should be complemented with thin ties. Brightness of a tie should be offset by strictness of a suit. Ideally a tie should reach middle of a belt as longer ties look unpresentable and comic.